Discover a Cheap Stay in Moscow

For those looking for a cheap stay in Moscow a great place to start is comparing hotel rates to ensure you get a cheap stay. In addition to this, other tips we find helpful for a memorable cheap stay in Moscow include:

  • Learn more about Russian art at Tretyakov Gallery.
  • Connect with Russia's history via the Red Square.
  • See Lenin's Body at Lenin's Tomb.
  • View Moscow in a new light from Sparrow Hills.
  • Admire the over 460 year old St Basil's Cathedral.
  • Walk or ride a bicycle exploring the Kremlin Walls and Towers.
  • Visit a girl's best friend at the Diamond Fund.
  • Enjoy peace and quiet beside Patriarch's Pond.
  • Explore the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.
  • Discover the architectural Stalin's Seven Sisters.
  • Take a walk down Pushkin era with Old Arbat Street.