Discover a Cheap Stay in Tokyo

For those looking for a cheap stay in Tokyo a great place to start is comparing hotel rates to ensure you get a cheap stay. In addition to this, other tips we find helpful for a memorable cheap stay in Tokyo include:

  • Admire Japanese Anime at the Tokyo Anime Centre.
  • Relax at one of the free Japanese Traditional Gardens.
  • Walk around Yansen and experience pre-WWII Tokyo.
  • Discover toys and gadgets at an electronics showroom.
  • See the city from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
  • Explore the public art scattered around Roppongi.
  • Master origami with free lessons at Origami Kaikan.
  • Take a free bike on Sundays along the Palace Cycling course.
  • Window shop at upscale boutiques around Harajuku.
  • Go for a day trip via rail and visit Mt Fuji.
  • Rise early and experience the tuna auctions at Tsukiji.